Every piece selected has been found during my travels around the world. This is the process of my two passions, travel and vintage clothes. I land, I look up the flea markets and shops in that city and go. I’m drawn to handmade vintage clothing. If you need help discovering a piece or have questions about a garment in our shop we encourage you to contact
I buy what inspires me. No set aesthetic. Every city & country has something different to offer. Sweet and Romantic or Structured, every piece has it's place.
Restoration & Care
Vintage pieces are special and are one of a kind. Over time have the garments have  increased desirability. Wear is normal and repairs are often necessary. All pieces selected by Tanline Vintage have been inspected for flaws, repaired and cleaned to restore each piece to its original state. 

Return Policy


Returns, exchanges and refunds are not accepted. Please make sure to read item descriptions before ordering.

Take an honest approach and understand what makes vintage pieces special; the fact that each garment has it’s own story and has gone on it’s own unique journey. All items have been hand-picked by Tanline Vintage and are very dope.