How To Measure
To ensure that your vintage pieces fit, here is a list of measurements and how you can measure yourself.
Start by using  measuring tape starting at the shoulder and continue to the bottom hem. For example, for a blouse take the measurement from top shoulder hem to the bottom blouse hem. A dress will be from the top of the strap down to the bottom hem. Same action for any other type of clothing.
The easiest way is to lay the garment, in this case we will use a skirt, and measure directly across the waistline. For example if the width measurement is 15” across, you would double that number to get your total waist size of 30.
For the width of a shirt start your measurement on one corner of the bottom hem and lengthen it to the opposite corner.
The rise of a jean is the measurement from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband.  The higher the number the more of a mom jean effect you will have. To measure the rise start the measurement at the from button of jean and measure down to the crotch seam. 
Start at the sleeve seam and measure down to the bottom hem of sleeve.