The Mystery Of Kangol Bucket Hat

This is why I love vintage. I love doing the research but I had hit a wall with trying to find any information on this Kangol hat. I scoured the internet just looking for a picture of something close, but my efforts amounted to 0%. I’m lucky enough to be a customer of Dan at Dan’s Hat And Caps in Newark. His family has a rich history in the city of Newark and his knowledge in headwear is immense. Not only was he able to give me information about the make and model, but he had a special connection to this exact hat🤯 Dan informed me that this hat was USA made and made in the city of Newark.  Here’s the other interesting facts,


  • Brand: Kangol
  • Made In Early 1980’s, 1981
  • Made In Newark, New Jersey
  • A large percentage are made in China, with a small percentage made in the UK.
  • Made by Uncle Ruby A.K.A. Rubin Spitz
  • Uncle Ruby had a factory in Newark , New Jersey


It gets even better finding out the Rubin Sptiz was a close mentor to Dan. So this exact hat was made by hand , by his “Uncle Ruby”! Uncle Ruby’s emblem can be seen in my hat. After Dan retrieved a hat from one of his in house line, he shows me a close up of his hat tags. The two are the same! To pay homage to Rubin Spitz, Dan used his emblem on his personal line.

Ruben Sptiz came to America as a young Polish immigrant busy to chase the American Dream. Working three jobs Rubin knew he wanted to start his own business that would span over the decades. In 1960 H & R Hats was the company Rubin started. Guidelines created by Rubin are still the standard of the industry. With continuing success H & R Hats became the premier manufacturer. After decades of success H & R Hats evolved into Headwear Creations. With more than 50 years in the business, Mr. Spitz sold the business. The journey back to its home in Newark has been an interesting and informative one.

The beauty of sourcing and loving these pieces is in this story. Information that is found out durning research forms a larger appreciation for the craftsmanship that would allow a hat to look this good after almost 40 years! Thank you Dan for taking time out of your day to grace me with this tidbit of history. Watch the video to hear the story!


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